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Washington Attention: 24 Hour Racers! Need Your Footage For The Video

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If you raced the 24 hour race at Starvation Ridge last week and have some video footage (GoPro or other, including pit or trackside footage) you'd like to see edited into the mini-movie I'm putting together, please send it to me by the end of next week if possible. You may also send photos, I can include them as well!


I'd rather you send me a sacrificial DVD or Blu Ray disc of your footage or provide a download link on Vimeo. I will mail back memory cards but ask that you only send as a last resort.


Would love to include your footage in this video so please send it to:


Gary Piazza

1207 SE 104th Ave

Vancouver, WA



Contact me directly at gappman@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Thanks!   :thumbsup:



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