I know what a compression release doses... What is a hot start?

I've been trying to figure out if a hot start is more or less the same thing as a compression release...


After a confusing hour or so on Google I think I understand a few things.


#1 Most big bore thumpers have an auto decompression lobe on the cam...

#2 A hot start "leans out the mixture after a stall" (In the old days if your XR took a nap and then wouldn't start you would pull the decomp and hold the throttle wide open and give it 8-10 good kicks before you would really kick it AKA drying the plaug. Is this the same deal?...)

#3No one really understands what a hot start lever physically dose.


If you are smarter than me please help.

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No one? I don't think so.  A hot start simply opens an air path that bypasses the slide in the carb so that air traveling through it picks up no fuel from the pilot or starting circuits.  Like a built-in, controllable air leak to lean things out when the engine is very hot, and more susceptible to flooding.  That's all there is to it.

Yep, it just allows some cool air to go straight into the motor to make starting easier by leaning it out with the cooler air.

Thanks dudes!

its basically the opposite of cold start, cold start increases fuel to air mixture, hot start opens up a passage to let in more air, therefore increasing air to fuel

Actually, a choke increases both, hence the higher idle....

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