Softening spring and forks for an 08 exc 530

I bought this bike off a rather heavy gentleman who stiffened up the spring, and possibly the forks. I can feel already that it is pretty stiff. Anyone ever had their suspension done? How much did it cost? Did you do it yourself? Was it very difficult? I can't imagine redoing the forks being incredibly easy.

Changing springs on KTMs with the link-less rear shock and OC forks is a piece of cake. Go to RaceTech and look up their spring calculator, add your weight, model of bike and riding discipline into the calculator and it will produce a front and rear spring rate for you. After that you can choose to buy new or if you spend some time, you can save a bit of money and buy used.


After you have the springs, search YouTube for "How to change fork springs on KTM forks", there are multiple videos that will give you a step by step guide on how to change them. You don't need any special tools to do this. As for the rear shock its pretty straight forward. The whole process should take a inexperienced mechanic less then a couple hours to complete.....If you have some mechanical knowledge it should take you around the hour mark to complete.....

Awesome, thanks so much.

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