Looking For a Motor complete or complete lower end.. Real Buyer!

So I blew my supermoto tranny in 3rd gear from power shifting, but unfortunately I just put a brand new top end in and is only 6 months old. I would prefer to just buy a complete fully put together motor that was taken strait out of another bike. If anyone knows any friends or possibly you might have a motor that your willing to sell I am absolutely dieing to get back on my bike and im so i am eager to buy a motor now! To be honest im not sure what other bikes use the same block and maybe someone can give me a little more information on what other bike motors i can buy from that will fit. I believe an KLX 400 motor is the same but not sure.. thanks for your time!! Id love to get some Feedback!! :smirk:  :smirk:  :smirk:  :usa:  :uk: !! 


2008 DRZ 400 SM.. Sacramento, CA 




sorry, no engine to offer, but i'm curious what information you have on those LED cubes you're using. who made them, nighttime pictures, what you like/dont like. 


you know, since you're waiting on an engine anyway :-)

This is the TECH forum, lets keep the want ads and for sales to the FREE classified section http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/


But as some Tech was asked....


All year and model DRZ 400 motor are interchangeable. the 2000 - 2004 are the kick start only versions (in the US).. but still the bottom end is interchangeable to the top ends.


in the US the Kawasaki 2003 KLX400 S and SR are Green DRZ's.. exactly the same bike in that year other than color.

Perfect time for ACT gears.... Complete motors go for around ~$1000 on eBay last time I checked, id just rebuild yours and know it is solid.... Did you do the big bore when you did the top end?

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