New to vegas. Need people to ride with


Hey guys i just moved to Vegas and i am in need of some people to ride with. I prefer desert but will ride motocross

I/we ride on fridays, typically unless family issues arise. I/we really only ride desert. and at a mid paced speed if you dont mind waiting for us to catch up..or we wait for anybody thats less then mid paced speed...

Weekends are sometimes doable if givin enough notice

Cool man I got a couple things left to do to my bike then I will be ready to ride. Message me your number

Hey guys I'll be out there MLK weekend looking for some riding buddies. I like ST, hill climbs and high speed dezert rides. Hit me up! I ride a 2007 YZ250F with dezert tank and I would consider my self not slow but don't mind just cruising.

I'll be staying near Sunrise Mountain. Charleston and Hollywood.

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