03 YZ250f v 05 YZ250f

Hey guys new member here, Ive been looking around TT for a while and decided to finally sign up. 


Anyways time for that very repetitive question you's always get. Would love to have some opinions. 


I am looking at 2 bikes for sale. Here are some details: 


03 YZ250f 


New high comp piston and rings

New top end gaskets 

New radiators

New RHK foot begs/unbreakbale levers

New Hammerhead gear lever

Carby has been rebuilt with new jetting

Forks rebuilt

New front/back sprokets

New pro taper bars and grips

New throttle cable and hand throttler

Tyres are good

Every bearing has been replaced


Can buy for $2100


05 YZ250f


Looks in pretty good condition, rims worth $2000 apparently. New forks or been rebuilt?

Guy dosent know much about it but apparently motor has been rebuilt by previous owner. 


Asking $2500 could negotiate down I think. 


Before you say these are expensive as etc etc.. Remember im from Australia and everything is expensive here !


*Edit, the bike will only be used for trials and sand, no racing*


Cheers guys. 

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how many hours on the 05

Trials or Trail ?

Stay away from old 250f's. They're all ticking time bombs, especially one that the guy knows nothing about. 

Stay away from old 250f's. They're all ticking time bombs, especially one that the guy knows nothing about.

I think any bike that has been raced would be a ticking time bomb. I have an 01 used only for trails that I have had for 6 years. No issues whatsoever, very reliable bike.

As far as which bike to get, I myself would get the 03. Lower in price plus you know what is new and the maintenance performed, even if it has been raced.

Cheers for the replys guys, I have no idea on the hours on either of them.


Only riding trails/woods and occasional sand

Found an 04 YZF450 that looks to be in pretty good shape for $2200. 


Would this be a good buy?

In 04 they went to 48mm forks from 46mm. Slightly better.

So I have a couple of options. I ride 80% woods/trails ans 20% dunes/sand.


Im an pretty experienced rider so what I want is some opinions.  


Would a 250f or 450 be better suited for my needs? 


Also I weigh 170 pounds if that helps.

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For the dunes, I would definitely reccommend the 450. Might be a little heavy for the trails, but you will be wringing a 250f pretty hard in the sand.

Dont know if you guys are interested but I ended up going with the 03. 


Got it for 1900. Been a great bike and absolute bargain

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