I need a pic of a 2000 kx 250 motor please

I need a close up pic of the motor on the mag side ( left )  2000 kx 250

I just got my motor back from being rebuilt and my clutch cable must be stretched or something is not right inside the motor because my cable adjustments are all the way out and I am still not getting the clutch to release so I would like to see a close up to see if I have something wrong.

Yes  it is assembled, I just installed the motor and hooked up the clutch cable,

This is were it is at with a tad bit of slack and my cable adjusters ( both ) are fully extended out and again yes there is no tension I have slack.

I had 2 motors both were blown and I had the engine builder use the best out of both motors along with new parts as well, I had a moose clutch basket in one of the motors, it almost seems like the push rod is too short  ??

With the bike in gear on a stand and I pull the clutch in and turn the rear wheel by hand it is turning the crank.

And so with the clutch cable fully adjusted out when the clutch starts to slip I can not adjust out any further.

Shouldn't the cable adjustments be all the way in or close to it with a new clutch ?


 If the push rod was from a K engine then it is too short.

Your linkage arm looks like it's too far forward. You should pull the pressure plate off the clutch and check your push rod and bearing. Something must be missing or not installed properly I'd guess.

You're missing a part somewhere. You need to remove the clutch completely, count the plates and account for all the parts.

You're missing a part somewhere. You need to remove the clutch completely, count the plates and account for all the parts.

Or parts from different years. I know for a fact the Push-Rod in the L engines is quite abit longer than the ones in the K engines. I know this from just doing the 94-98 first gear swap into my 2000 KX 2000. I was going to use the push rod that came with the 94-98 trans I got until I measured them. 

Thanks, Yes I called my engine builder and he thinks that one must be smaller, one of the motors had a moose clutch basket  and the other was a stock basket and one rod was steel and the other I guess was aluminum and he put the steel one in it so he thinks the aluminum must be longer, I am bringing to him tomorrow and he is going to open it up.

I will post the results.

All good now, the other shaft was about 1/4" longer


You own a dirt bike and pay someone else to work on it....

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