250x loses power at full throttle and on hills

hi - some advice please, my 2006 250x with a R cam has ran well for some time. have serviced it and it has new chain and sprockets. at 70 to 80% throttle it runs well through all gears. from 80 to 100% throttle it looses power as if it is starved of fuel. this happens on the flat or on a hill. it especially happens when i open the throttle full in a burn on climbing a hill.


any advice on what the problem could be? dirty carb, vales need adjustment?


also what are the pros and cons of the "pink wire mod"?


thanks in advance for advice....!


Well if this is something that started happening recently with the R cam already in, then you've most likely got dirt in the carb,  poor venting on your tank, or have a fuel line that needs to be replaced. 


If you've never replaced the fuel line, I would and I'd check the tank vent is open.   Those are easy to do.  Then move onto the carb.


As for the pink wire mod, best advice is to just try it.   Pull the wire from the plug, and wrap it up in some tape.   If you don't like the difference, just plug it back in.   Some guys even wire in a switch so they can turn it off and on.


 What it does is give you 500 rpms more on the rev limiter and linear throttle response (the R's ignition map).   Of course that's more stress on the motor, but that's the only downside.



hi Jim,


thanks for that. i will perform those checks.


and will try the mod too.




happy riding!

The R cam is going to create a need for more fuel at WOT.  If this happened right after you put in the cam, then you need to increase your main jet by a few sizes.  After I put in a stage 3 cam on my X, i had to increase jetting from a 150 to 170.  That bike does have the CCC mods and a full FMF exhaust, so yours may not be as drastic depending on what else you have done to it.

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