2010 250xc reliability

Hey guys im looking at a 2010 250XC that will become my primary bike. im a die hard honda guy but honda just dont have a "woods bike" that interest me. My current primary bike is a 2010 CRF450. The ktm wuill probably be replacing that. I understand the KTM wont be the fire breather the CRF is but i dont expect it to be, I want something that wont let me down and wont wear me out on an all day trip thru the woods. He says he has had to put a stator in it. Is that a common problem on these and if so is there anyway to avoid it again?? all in all how reliable are they?

Its a dirt bike. If you do proper maintanence. And keep up with the top end it will last forever. And I can honestly say that overall I feel like KTM parts are cheaper than all the japanese bikes. But If you are looking for a nimble woods bike the 200's are the crowd favorite.

A nimble woods bike is what im looking for. Ive actually craigslist stalked several 200s cause they can be had cheaper but im afraid i will be let down by a 200. Im 240LBS full dress. I dont want to feel like im taking power away from the bike by being a big guy. I actually meant to put this in the original post. I was gonna ask the power and chassis difference between a 200 and 250

The 250xc is generally a GREAT bike for the woods and are very tough and reliable if properly maintained. for your size, a good choice.  Hey, if you get one and for some reason don't like it.....they are very easy to re sell.




First post yay! I myself just bought a left over '12 200. I really really like it a lot. I weigh about 210ish geared up. the motor is surprisingly flexible with a really nice top end rush. I've been mx'ing it too and seems to be ok for that.

I'm 6'2", 200lbs. I was fortunate enough to get to spend an entire day demoing KTM's. I had a blast on the 200, and even more fun on the 150 (its a rocket powered BMX bike). But my 250 is unstoppable. They are all great. 


I believe chassis is the same. The 200 is just a different feel. Cant really explain it.


Hell pull up the demo day calendar on there site and see if there is a demo day near you soon.

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