No spark 2000 cr250 help!

I recently went through and rebuilt my bike and I got it all back together and tried kicking it over and got nothing. I took it to my local motorcycle shop and he said he thinks it's the stator, so I ordered a new stator for $150, I installed it still no spark, after that I ordered a new coil and installed that the other day still nothing!! Also it has a brand new spark plug, so I'm kinda stuck, the only thing I haven't replaced is the cdi and spark plug wire. I heard that the cdi's don't go out very often. And I can't seem to find a new one for sale. I guess the next thing I'm gonna try replacing the spark plug wire next but if that doesn't work then I don't know what to do.. Any suggestions?

Try disconnecting your kill switch.  Could have a wire grounding out somewhere.  

Yeah Iv tried that but still nothing.

I just wanna go riding, I haven't got to ride in 6 months! And this Is the only thing holding me back

Could be the pick up that is next to the flywheel. Check two things.

First, make sure the gap from the trigger (raised hump on flywheel) is set to .012"

Second, check it with a mulit meter. If it has to much resistance, it is bad. It will not send the single to the CDI. The specs will be in a honda service manual.

Ok thanks I'll try that when I get out of school

Ok so I checked to see how many ohms are in the spark plug wire and there is 5.88 ohms, I'm not sure how many ohms there's supposed to be, does anyone know? Also I checked the gap between the fly wheel and the stator pickup coil and thats fine. Any more suggestions?

its been a while now but if I remember right its 1100- 1400 on the 10,s scale- one test lead in the spark plug boot on the metal and the other test lead anywhere on the metal coil.

with a manual it will tell you how to test all the ignition parts except the cdi, its tested by trying a known working unit

scuff up your mounting points on the frame and coil

5 ohms on the cap sound right. Now ohm the pick up it self.

So I found out what the problem was, when I was putting the flywheel on I tried using a torx to hold the flywheel(big mistake) I guess they went in the two holes to far and I tore up the stator.

Also I was looking on and they just have the stator, not the plate or pick up, how would i get that on to the plate? Is there any soldering involved to the wires?

the holding tool is like $15 i recall. motion pro with 2 prongs.  also you probly need the flywheel puller which is another 15 or $20. shop probly charge 50-$100

Well Iv already bought the puller i just don't have the holder

the holder is a common tool. most bike shops should have it. probly alot cheaper doin it yourself. also see if you can borrow a torq wrench from a neighbor to put the nut on. or rent one from autozone or orielies

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Well I gotta new stator and installed and still got nothing, I'm lost!! Need help

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