Eddieville 6hr year-end team race- Nov. 10th


  Last race of the year at Eddieville. We are reprising our popular spring 6 hour daylight-only race. With the standard GP course we will include the 1/2 mile flattrack, some freshly disced stubble field, and some freshly mowed grass track ( if we have time and weather).


  Traditionally, our November race has some of the best dirt conditions of the year. Deep soil moisture for berm building, excellent traction, little or no dust.  Unless it rains during the race, usually no mud either.


  If we get it sorted out, hope to run the new ALIEN transponder system we just purchased.  An additional one time cost of $3 for the transponder purchase will be required. The new transponder is a sticker that is stuck to the bottom side of your visor.  As well as providing the finish results, we will put the lap times online so you will know how you stack up to your buddies.

  So be sure to bring $3 and your helmet to the sign-up.


  Should be a great time.




Hmmm. Im still sore from last weekend. Maybe the Heavyweights will make another appearance.

Hmmm. Im still sore from last weekend. Maybe the Heavyweights will make another appearance.


Would love to see you guys tearing it up again!  Seeing you guys haulin ass out there was one of the more impressive things I've seen in a long time.  You definitely know how to handle the big bikes.   :thumbsup:

Should be epic! Let's hope the rain does us some good!

On another note...

I want to put this out there again in case you missed my earlier post. I'm in the process of editing a mini movie from last week's 24 hour race and need your footage! Get it to me if you want it to be in the final edit!

Hey, racers! If you have some cool photos and some video footage, either from your GoPro or personal cam, let me know. I'm putting together the video from race and want to include as much of your footage and photos as possible.
Send me an email and I'll tell you how to get the footage to me:

Schedule & fees for 6 Hour Team Race at Eddieville:

$30.00 per team member ( you can have up to 6 riders on a team)

$40.00 for Ironman/Ironwomen

$10.00 gate fee, 8 & under free


The race is Sunday the 10th.  10am- 4pm

Riders meeting 9:30am

Sign up starts at 7:00am

Early signup Saturday afternoon.












CLUB (Riders must be members of a recognized motorcycle club)

SPORTSMAN (Any age, any ability, any size bike)



YOUTH (17 & under, any size bike)

JUNIOR (14 & under, no bikes larger than a 150 4 stroke)




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