Can't decide on the bike...

3 weeks ago I purchased a 2014 KTM 500 EXC. Absolutely love it! It has massive amounts of torque, the roll on power is amazing,It sounds like thunder and is amazingly light for what the bike is. I initially purchased it thinking I would be finding trails and fire roads and doing frequent turkey runs in my area. Now that I have been getting back into riding I am finding myself not wanting to ride on the road and thinking of getting into hare scrambles and enduros. While the 500 is still very nimble and obviously plenty of power, I'm torn on maybe selling it and purchasing the 300 XC-W as I feel it might be better suited for the riding I'm leaning towards NOW.

I am a complete novice too I might add.

Yeah , the 200 or 250 are options

Both bikes are build for the woods and both have tons of power. You could easily take the mirrors/signals off the exc if you still have them on. Yes the 300 is lighter but the 500 is a tractor and will find traction where the 300 cant. If you want to race hare scrambles I am confident in saying that the 300 will wear you out faster than the 500. 


Out of my ridding buddies 2 of them are in their 50's and ride orange bikes. They both grew up racing mx and we still do a lot of hare scrambles and tight single track riding. one guy has the 300 xc-w and the other has a 525 exc. we see a lot of wet rocks, roots, logs... slippy hills and creek crossing. Some moss covered bridges from time to time too. We take turn riding each others bikes and the 525 goes through everything without a problem. The engine of the 300 is a fire breathing dragon, but the bike tends to loose traction easily compared to the 4stroke ktms.


Don't get me wrong the 2 strokes are also great, I think the 200 is one of the best woods bike out there. But if you are looking for big power, but want to be able to ride it for a long time the 450 or 500 will be easier to hang on to than the 300. The 250 is also an option, but if you dont ride a lot it might not suit you.  

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Yeah, I completely understand and agree. I think maybe it might be better for me to stay on the 500, a little easier to learn on than the 300.

500 what a beast! I'd be interested in riding the 200 in the woods. Light with just enough power

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