1971 Honda sl 125

How do I get the bushings out of the rear wheel that hold 4 bolts that hold the rear sproket on Please! The Motorcycle shops say machinest  to drill, or use a

chisel! There must be a tool or something!

Drill out the rubber with and then use a die grinder to carefully cut through the outer sleeve.

You can drill out the rubber and then if there is a little bit of the lip sticking out the top you can catch it with a good chisel and collapse it from one side.

Use red locktite to install new bushings and shim the sprocket if it is loose.

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Thanks ya all for the great tips !

If you haven't already accomplished this task, another idea is, if you have access to a pilot bearing puller (see pic. below) or a narrow/small slide hammer attachment, stick it down the center of the bushing and pull it that way. you might still have to drill out the rubber and remove the center part and grab the outer case.


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