Soaked Carb Now it seems like its dissolving

So I ripped apart a Timberwolf and found that the carb was all nasty. I stripped the carb down and soaked it in the Gunk carb dip (in the paint can) for about 8 hours. After pulling it out, it still looked a little dirty so I started wiping it down.


However, when the carb is wet (wd40, soapy water, gas) it seems like the aluminum keeps wiping away. Its almost chalky.


I thought maybe it was just some crappy aluminum that broke down when it was soaking so I boiled it in lemon juice about 15 minutes. It came out cleaner but found that if I wipe it with a clothe or my hands, I continue getting a aluminum color off the carb.


So I guess my question is what happens now. Will the gas continue to dissolve the carb? Is there a sealant I can put on the carb to stop it?




but it shouldn't be the base metal or cast aluminum wiping off 


it looks like oxidization  I would think if it were paint it would have bubbled? ( i might do a scrape test )


i ran my aluminum meat tenderizer through a dishwasher and it looked like that I had to wire wheel it to get it clean LOL

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I agree, looks like oxidation. The chemicals you soaked it in probably caused it to corrode rapidly. Any corrosion inside... the gas will probably clean out well enough... If your worried about the outside, well you could give it a could once over with a red scotch bright pad.

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