DRZ no power to gauges

Hey all.  Gad to be back, been a long time and had to open new account.


Having some troubles with my DRZ.


No power to instrument cluster with key on.


Battery is fine.


Power to ignition and continuity through ignition.


Just did the free power mod, still no go.


Did the rectifier test and got no continuity at all.


Is there another way to test the rectifier than to look for continuity doing red to all yesloows then switching leads then doing the same to the black?


Is this the symptom of a bad rectifier?


I'd have though it would ust not charge the battery rather than affect my instrument cluster up top.


Obviosuly the bike won't start either.


It died on me on the trails then barely started later on but worked.  Made it home but the next days ride began and ended in my driveway with no power to the cluster or turning the engin over.


Lot's of power in the new shorai battery and trickle charged it to make sure.


I thought I'd check here since I hear a bad rectifier is rare.


Thoughts please?

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It's the stator that goes bad, it is extremely rare to have a Reg/Rec go bad on these bikes. Are you getting power to your starter solenoid? I had the same problem, it turned out to be a bad connection at the battery, There's a single red wire with a connector near where the fuse is. This was corroded and I lost power in the middle of no where, I happened to find it on accident. My solution was to remove the connector and soldier the wire together, no chance of the connection going bad again.


Hope this helps.

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YES YES YES!!!!  That's it.  Thanks so much man.


I looked at that connection and it looked fine but when I ripped the connectors off it was pretty corroded.


Thanks so much!!

Hey no problem, glad I could help. :thumbsup:

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