new guy just did 3x3 (thank you tt!)

hey guys new around here but have been lurking for a few months. im new to motorcycles and the drz is my 1st. got licensed in august and have already put 5000mls on my 2011 white S. its my only transport so i was hesitant to mod it. 


so today , after a couple weeks researching all the 3x3 posts i could find here. im in richmond va. only 200ft above sea level and it does get humid here for sure, but i decided since ill be riding all winter (hopefully, learning to adapt!) i went with the blue needle 3rd clip as suggested. maybe i change to red in summer if i ever want to pull that carb again  :thumbsup:.


all went well as could for a tyodall noob. i did lose a hose clamp screw and it got wedged between the back of the engine and what i think is the starter (?). no worries found a new one to fit.


anyone who is hesitant - DO IT!!!! im not going to say i wheelied all the way back to my apartment, but it was way  way way smoother, sounds better, much quicker throttle response, and it wasnt bucking and jolting as soon as i let off the throttle .... im new to bikes and didnt realize this isnt how it should be! :banghead:



this is a great must do mod like yall say thank you for all the excellent and useful information!  BRAVO BRAVO THANK YOUS FOLKS!!!

you rejetted? are you runnign the stock pipe?

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Got the Mod Bug? Gear up and be careful CB...

saw it in a post on here (and it makes sense) but you can change the needle without completely removing the carb... just loosen it up and twist it to the side so that you have access to the top of it... also checkout Richmotards on facebook... great group of guys... (im from the new river valley myself) but me and a couple guys from down here trailered our bikes up to richmond for a ride with 17 guys about a month ago and it was tons of fun! 

yep re jetted with air box mod, 

- ryder,  i saw that on fb last month! looked like yall had a good ride

OMG....Chuck o'l mate Chuckbuck an Fcr and he will surely wet himself........ :lol:


Use 155 main jet and blue needle , clip 3 for stock pipe....


160mj and Blue,clip 4 for open pipe


Install the TT shop extended fuel screw and stay with the stock pilot jet...2.75 turns...


For future reference the needle can be removed and adjusted via top cap removal, carb removal is not necessary... 

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