flywheel weight install problem

Hey all, searched before I posted this cant seem to find anyone with same problem. .Flywheel weight (steahly 10oz) threads on just fine. when I try to put special nut on that comes with it seems way to small. Called steahly about the thread pitch they said 1.25 checked nut its 1.25. threads on rod are fine, not the best mechanic but figured this was a no brainer.... stumped. Any thoughts? Could steahly have sent wrong nut? Believe its a 12mm.

2003 rm 250. Funniest woods bike ive ever owned, but dam it needs this weight. Help!


the washer doesnt go on with the weight. maybe thats it?

Thanks for the reply. Not the the washer. Nut doesn't fit. It's got to be the wrong one.

Been too busy to look into it lately, just riding it until the snow flies.

Bike runs like a scared deer without it!

you said you checked the pitch of the nut....what about the shaft threads?


with the flywheel off can you thread the nut? (just giving you more room to play with)


any nicks in the thread that would hinder the threads from catching?


Sounds like the nut and shaft are close enough you aren't sure if it is the right size or something else.  If the difference is that small I think they are same....and would check the thread pitch and look for any damaged threads

yea checked all that, its weird. Threads are fine on shaft and nut wont go on with weight off either. Steahly said there is only 2 pitches for all bikes. 1.00 for ktms 1.25 all Japanese bikes.

I don't know what the hell to think. I cant imagine there is a different shaft in it. I don't have a manual anybody know if that shaft is a 12mm? That's what the nut will thread onto.

Thanks for the suggestions guys!

Sounds like you have the wrong nut or the threads are damaged.  Does the stock nut thread on?

stock nut threads on fine, threads look fine. Gotta be wrong nut. Try talking to steahly again this week

stock nut threads on fine, threads look fine. Gotta be wrong nut. Try talking to steahly again this week

Good luck.  Update us with the outcome.

Its been a long time since I put on My stealthy, but, doesn't it have reverse threads on the shaft,,,,,just a thought........good luck........Dr.D..

Nope the weight has reverse threads, the nut is standard

OK, like I said it's been a long time since I put Mine on,, I new something had reverse threads,,,,hope You can figure out the problem........Dr.D.. 

thanks,,, me too

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