DR350 help

Hey guys, I got a DR350 recently and it was running beautifully until I ran it out of gas. I thought it was no problem, just fill it up with gas and off I go. We'll of course, it wasn't that simple. First, it wouldn't start unless it was on choke, and it run run at a high idle. I would try to take it off choke and it would die, even after it was warm. I ended up taking off the carb and cleaned the crap out of it, or at least I thought I did. After cleaning, I took I tout for a ride, rode it for about 20 minutes on fresh gas. Still ran like crap. It backfires and just runs like crap in general. I took it all apart yet again, and when I put it back together, I messed up the slide so the throttle takes a bit to get back to idle. Any suggestions to get it running better on a budget? Like I said, nothing was done besides running it out of gas and before it ran like crap. Any help is counts. Thanks guys!

Sounds like you have some crap in the jets. Make sure they are clean. If you have in-line filters, or for that matter any filters make sure they are not blocked as well and restricting fuel flow.


Cheers Richo.

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