Wiring Tail Light



I just got the Acerbis Universal tail light kit. Instructions are pretty poor. The wiring consists of a red/black/white. I am unsure of what to connect those wires to exactly. I took the side panel off the access the battery but that area is full of wires as you might expect.


Any help would be awesome!

It would depend on how you wanted to have it switched on and off, and it may be a stupid question, but does the kit include a brake light as this would influence how it was wired.

Nope it's just a tail light. I just want it on when the engine is on. I'm guessing if I wire it straight to the battery it will be on till it kills the battery. I guess I could get a headlight and a full wiring harness and do it that way. I'd rather not a this point. As with just about anything cheaper is better :) The tail light was only $29 which I thought was a good price.

There is a red/white and blue/white pair of wires under the seat (well, more so on the battery side of the bike, one of those sends current to the key switch, the other goes hot when the key is turned on. I'm sorry, I forget which one, but that should get you pointed in the right direction.

Tap into the switched wire and connect that to the switch on a relay. Connect your tail light (sounds to me like you've got a stop/tail actually) wire.



Thanks! My TTR doesn't have a key but a push button to turn the bike to the 'on' position you'd have with a key. I'm sure the wires are similar. I'll check that out!

You didn't say which TTR you had, this is what I found on our TTR225. Which BTW, has a spot where the WR250 tail light drops right into like it was made to go there. A tail light may very well be part of a factory bike that uses the same rear fender as the 225 or the 225 itself in another country.

Wouldn't surprise me if that fender fits on the other TTRs with a little creativity.


Good luck.

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