So I've got this bike sitting in Baja....................................

I've got a '06 WR450 sitting in Baja, and I want to freshen up the suspension on it. I've already got some SSS forks that I'm working on know, that will get sent down this winter. But what to do with the shock? I was wondering if any of my current bikes shocks would "correctly" fit my WR in Baja? That is after the correct valving is installed first of course. The bikes that I have in my possession up here in NY are:


'03 YZ250 two smoke

'05 WR250f

'01 WR250f


Thanks for all of your reply's in advance!!!IMG_20111123_160634.jpg

Pretty sure the later shock will fit from say a 07

So none of the bikes in my possession have a shock that will fit correctly on the '06 WR in Baja?

Yes I think the others may fit as well , the yz shocks as long as the length is correct should interchange

Thanks Mog. I know that the shocks will fit, as I've done that many, many times. But I also know that some are shorter than others, so that would change the handling characteristics. And since I can't measure the length of the shock in Baja, I was hoping someone on here would know exactly what length the shock is on my '06 WR450.



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