Nissin Brake Help


I have a 2001 CR 250 that I am resurrecting.  I have stripped Phillips head machine screws on the front master cylinder and can not easily remove them.


Does anyone know what the thread pitch and length of the said screws. I want to have new ones on hand before I destroy these ones.


I thought about putting this post in the Technical section, but I couldn't find an appropriate place for brakes.



Just take them to your local hardware store, they will have the correct pitch/thread screws there....I changed mine over to an allen head screw for this same exact reason.

I think that they are 4mm X 1.0

I live in a remote area, and the hardware store is very disappointing, and the only bike shop is even worse.  Once I remove them it could be a very long time before I can find new onec, therefore I'd like to find them before hand.

for my bike the screws that hold the top cover on the master cylinder is listed as a 4mm X 1.0, but no length. They are about $2.00 each (oem) so just order some from your local parts (MC) store and you will be gtg

Great thanks.

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