Looking for groups of people to ride with Western/Eastern Massachusetts/Northern-Central Connecticut

I'm new to Thumper Talk and just got back on the saddle after a fifteen year hiatus from the sport. I recently purchased a '13 KTM 250sx and am looking for people/groups to ride with on various days of the week. I have some of my old riding buddies close by who I ride with but always looking for new people to add to the riding roster. Unfortunately with age comes serious responsibility which can hinder one's ability to get out and rip. This is why I'm trying to add more contacts to the trail/track book so I don't have to rely solely on just a core group of friends. I'm also looking for new challenging places to ride. So far this year since August 1st I have ridden Thomaston Dam CT, Rockwood MX (awesome track), Westhampton Ma trails, North Westfield Ma woods. I'm trying to get back in riding shape and looking forward to less arm pump especially during track sessions( damn you Rockwood! ). So if anyone on this forum from my neck of the woods is setting up a ride please let me know.

NETRA is having the Jack Frost Fun ride on Nov. 3. It's being held at the Hodges Village Dam. You can get all the info from the NETRA website. Go to the site, find schedule, find "other events" and it will have a link to the flyer. Good luck!

Cool . I'll check into that event.

Hey Katoom64....Do you need vehicle registration to ride that event/area?

Hey Katoom64....Do you need vehicle registration to ride that event/area?

Good question, I checked their website and all the flyers and I couldn't find any mention of it...

I haven't been to Rockwood in 2yrs, fun place! Are they still open?

Rockwood was open last Saturday. The best way to find out is *Like* Rockwood MX's Facebook page and check periodically on their site. People have told me they usually keep the track open one day a week thru November weather permitting. Once again look for updates on the Rockwood MX Facebook page.

You will need mass ohvr stickers to ride at Hodges but with a netra event you should call the club who is running it. Hodges is a great place to get to know the local riders, we tend to start early. I have not ridden out there as much this year as I have been out with the J-Day series.

NETRA has a permit for this event, so no reg. needed for this event.

I just finished reading the Massachusetts laws regarding Recreational/ATV/and Off Road Motorcycle use and from what I got out of it is that everyone needs to be registered at all times even on private property. Wouldn't that mean everyone participating in the NETA event needs to be registered? I'm not showing a sticker at the moment and I have been playing the odds at all the areas that I have frequented in the past two months.

Also does registration come into play at the J Day series events? A long lost friend of mine is one of the top riders in the J Day pro class and I just got a hold of him three weeks ago after not talking to him for a couple years. I haven't had the chance to pick his brain yet about the rules but he did text me last week to just show up at an event with cash only nothing else.

I believe organized events held by know organizations (NETRA, JDay, NESC etc.etc.) do not fall under these regulations. I'm not positive, but I have never heard of any problems while riding an all off road event being put on by reputable organizations.

That's right, a completely off-road "closed-course competition" event typically allows all.

We don't run them for J-Day's as it is a off road event with permits ect. The fine for playing the odds starts at 250 $  and can include a suspended drivers license and seizure of your bike so why chance it.


Enjoy your event,ride safe

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