Trails in Denver Colorado

I Am in the Denver area and want to know some good tracks and trails


It depends on what type of tracks you like, try IMI in Erie. I usually rotate between IMI, Watkins and Berthoud. They all have their perks, just depends on your personal preference. Thunder Valley is a great track but is overwhelming to a lot of riders.

Rampart has some fun trails, and a little further but also fun is Woodland Park (good mix for beginners thru experts).

I live North of Denver and ride up in Redfeather Lakes area, a few trails up by Estes Park. The system is not as vast as Rampart but a lot less riders for sure. I live 5 minutes from the Berthoud track, so occasionally I go out there and mess around since it is so huge. I don't deal with the main track as much as I ride in the back 40 just to be riding. It has been a while since I have gone to IMI in Erie, but it is fun as well. So, when you say denver area, which part of town are you and that would narrow down some areas?

the 16th street mall is a blast to rip through on knobbies.

I live in castle rock

Rampart is your choice or rainbow falls if you are in castle rock. Head up jar canyon towards spruce wood.

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