100/100-18 or 110/100-18 rear tire?

Trying to decide on which size to go with. I don't want bog the bike down too much with a heavier tire but I think the amount of extra tread may out weight the cons of the extra weight. What do you all think?

What specific tyre did you have in mind?

I went with Track Masters 2 in 100/100-18. That tire looks skinny but traction was actually improved over stock. Next time I'll try some 120/90, mostly for looks.

110/100 will be taller and wider. Is there a 110/90 size? That will give you wider but not any taller. I'm assuming you're looking for extra width only. Also the same size tire among different brands varies a little too. It shouldn't, but it does. They're just not "precise" with their sizing.

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I bought a 4.50 x 18 and it is tall .... next will be a 4.00 x 18 

I thought the 4.50 would just be wider .... not true  :doh:

I am 5'8 with a 30 inch inseam and with a 4.50 tire and Race Tech rear shock along with a Corbin seat ..... I barely tip toe the bike now....  :shocked:

The Corbin has the same seat height as stock but is much firmer. 

The shock does not sag as much as stock (proper sag is set)  My bike really leans on the kick stand now as well. 

I wish the tire people would post O.D. specs with their tires 

Hmm good to know about the height, I am short as it is. I was going to go with the trakmaster II as well in the rear but they don't have anything along the lines of 110/90. Is it true the 100/100 is roughly the same dimensions as our stock 120/80? I read that in an article about size numbers and the ratio and what not.


Michelin AC10 was my second choice and they have a 120/90....what do you guys think about that?

A 120/90 will be a very tall tire  ... I think ....  :excuseme:

Is it true the 100/100 is roughly the same dimensions as our stock 120/80? I read that in an article about size numbers and the ratio and

Roughly, yes. It goes like this: first number is width, and the second is a percentage of the first. So 100/100 is 100 wide and 100 tall. And 120/80 is 120 wide and 96 tall (80% of 120).

Ok that makes sense. I also read however that some tires like our 120, the width measured at the tread and others are measured at the sidewall? Which I believe is why the article I read said a 120/80 is the same roughly as the 100/100 because the 100 is width at the sidewall oppose to the 120/80s measurement at the tread width. This tire thing sure gets confusing. I really like the Michelin AC10s or Trakmaster IIs but they don't seem to have the right size?

As I said above, I have Trakmasters II in 100/100 and am quite happy with them.  Next time I will try AC10s in 120/90.

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