Light rider- To revalve or not revalve?

Hey I'm 110lbs I ride a 2006 RMZ 250. The suspension of course isn't anywhere close to being correct for a guy my size, so I'm looking at putting in new springs and correct amount of oil. 


What should I do valve wise? Are new valves going to help me get a softer feel entering into the burms through the braking bumps. I of course get headshake but I'm sure a new set of springs will help out.


If I revalve who makes the best DIY valve kit? How are the Race Tech Golds?


I'm planning on doing both front and rear before I keep riding and hurt myself lol




Respring first.

Then this.

FYI racetech gold valves are nothing but your key to their shim stack library.

They use a different face shim diameter and port sizes so once you buy the key to their library the shim stacks in the library are not applicable to standard pistons.

So goldvalves aren't magic.

Or special they kinda just give you a path to a revalve that will require less trial and error.

The only way to do a suspension job correctly, thoroughly, is to have it resprung/revalved to your ability and weight.  Get the whole job done with springs and revalve, then go from there.

Cool yea I do want to revalve while I'm in doing the springs, I'm wondering who does fork/shock valves for a reasonable price? I see the springs aren't too bad to change with the manual. What do you guys think of installing valves too? also are valves all the same just shim for my weight?

Your pistons which were painstakingly designed by the manufactuere are superior to the gold valves designed by Paul at racetech.

Your pistons can have the shim stack tailored to your riding style.

But you don't know where you need to go unless you spring it first.

Thank you that's exactly what I was wondering. I will put new springs in and then go from there. Wasn't sure if it was worth while changing the valves. I figured by now the oem valves are prob just as responsive as the golds

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