Parting Out 2006 SM610 / TE610

Hi, I'm helping my son part out his 2006 SM610 that was converted to a TE610. The bike has 4000 miles on the odometer and the engine started knocking weeks after buying it from someone on Craigslist. We took it to the local dealer who found extensive metal shavings in the screen. After reading here and other places about problems with these motors we've decided to dismantle the bike and sell what we can. 


Over the next few weeks I'll be taking parts off and listing them on eBay and wherever. I'm posting here in case anyone wants first dibs on anything. I'm in the Seattle area.


Pictures here:



That sucks! The 610 has a great motor that can do 30k -50k miles. It's likely the cam chain. Those need to be replaced at 3-4k miles on the MY06 610 (weak point) I would pull it apart before you part it out and see if that's it. A new chain an guides are $80-$100. Good luck.

Or it might be the spring cup washers in the clutch basket. Pull the clutch basket and have a look. That's a $50 fix. PM me, I think I can help you save the bike!!!

Check your PMs.

Check your PMs.


did this bike get "saved".?, 


looks straight enough for a donor motor if required..,



I hope u are wrong I just spent 1500 bucks retro fitting my 06 happy with result but i think the carb configuration is not as peppy as a fuel injection......Ive never had any issues with the seems rock solid

I think this is one of the best bikes husky ever made.....better than the 2012 te junk

Did u sell the exhaust?

I needed one for mine.

If you still have passenger pegs for sale, I'll take em! two-0h-sixx, 3o3 99l3

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