06 kx450f ,trouble getting first gear

Hey guys had my bike out today and was crossing a shallow river the back tyre spat a rock up into the chain guide bending it and causing the chain to fall off and locked the back rim, ended up droping bike in the water managed to get it up a start it quick enough but after i got it home an fixed it all im now having trouble getting first gear easily, always goes in to neutral downshifting from 2nd will go in to 1st with a stomp .runs up the gears from 1st to 4th with out a problem.


any ideas on what could be wrong?





Maybe you didnt get bike up quick enough as you thought ... Id take look at clutch , unseal everything , dry out ..fresh everything up ..new oil , filter and see where you are at...still doing it then replace effected clutch parts... stuff happens

See if you can change to first while slowing down but not when stopped, if it goes into first while rolling and not when stopped then it is probably a clutch problem.


If you cant get to first either way then it is more than likely a gearbox problem, bent selector fork or damaged brum or bent selector shaft.


Also make sure your gear lever is tightened properly to the shaft, if its loose it can mess around with selecting gears.     

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