2011 crf450

Just bought a 2011 crf450 that's been sitting at a dealer for 2 years. After the first five minute ride I could see tiny chew marks on my tire from the chain. I had this same problem on my 07 crf450. Why would Honda put a 120 tire on there. Am I crazy or is this a common crf450 problem. I do plan to get a vt2 chain.

Get a 110 tire in the future, I've seen this before on my buddys' 450s in the mid 2000s.  Who knows why they'd do that, engineer that needs to be fired is my guess.

I have an 09 run a 120 and never had that problem

I run 120 in my 06. No problems. I like the wider tire.

Check that your axel is lined up properly. Seems like a lot of chunking on the side for a short amount of time. The chain might not be properly adjusted either, to loose? I have an 11 CRF450R. I can see where the chain and tire rub occasionally but not much chunking going on. I really only use the 120 in sandy/muddy conditions. Otherwise you will be fine with a 110, it will corner better on flat sections. But, the chain dosnt sound like its adjusted properly.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice.

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