has anybody tried there 14 450 in the desert?

dont have one yet but really looking into it, i was just wondering how stable it is what type of power it has?and if possibly it could be made into a stable desert bike?

Stability won't be an issue.  Add a Scotts damper and that problem is gone.  Adding a bit of extra sag may help with it, too, as this will increase head angle, although it does so at some expense to turning ability.


Power?  Big power. Monster power, the way I understand it.  I've seen fairly reliable dyno results showing 58-59 HP.  That's huge. No complaints about being uncontrollable, though. 

I can't imagine "wide open" on this thing!

Other than just lugging along I have never been in 5th hard on it. Just haven't been anywhere I could do that.

There is no shortage of power anywhere on the 14!

thanks for the info guys, has anyone seen anything about a desert tank?

what type of gearing would be appropriate?

Start with stock gearing.  I ran either the stock 13/49 or a 13/48 on my '06 in the desert up until I switched the trans recently.  5th is rarely too short (but sometimes is) and 1st is tall, but not so it can't be used in the tricky sections. 




Here's some pics ims sent me. This is the dry break model which will eliminate the flip up part of the seat. They'll also have a version that uses the stock setup.

The bad I see with it, it looks like your go-nad's are going to be on the dry break  :eek:

The good it looks like it about doubles fuel capacity and moves all the excess fuel lower and centralized. 


I super curious how it all turns out, as far as a desert-ized new yz. I'm looking to replace my old 03 and so far all possible bikes(other brands/models) I have try'd, have been a big fail. I have yet to ride a new/newer bike that feels like man with a little work this thing would blow my old bike away. So far it's been well this would be a little better here or their but not enough to justify spending a large amount of money on a new bike. I sure hope this new YZ does it or at least comes close, being it's blue that is almost reason enough  :thinking:

Please keep us posted 

One of the local fast desert pros is currently testing a new 450, and while he's making changes to suspension, bar position, etc., he's had zero concerns with power even in the wet deep sand he's dialing the bike in. Monster!

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