Made A Few Mods

After getting used to my new ride I decided it was time for a few mods. I shortened the throttle stop, un-hooked the gray wire and moved the needle to the 6th position but did'nt change anything else on the carb. It started up well but has a terrible off idle hesitation, sort of like the thumpers with the CVK's, but when it did hit :). What is my next move to get rid of the hesitation? I only went for a short ride because it was getting dark and it's hard to see where you're going when the headlight is pointing straight up. :D

After adjusting your fuel screw I would say to adjust your duration on the accelerator pump. Shorter pump squirt should help eliminate the bog. :)

Where do you adjust the accel pump? I cannot find in the book.

The right side of the carb. pull the cover off and adjust the screw on the black plastic cam clockwise 1/4 turn at a time. It should be in the manual. You can run the bike up and down the street with the carb right side cover off. Adjust as needed. Just remember where you started. :)

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