ID this bike

I am thinking about buying this bike, I don't know much about it except its a ktm 540cc, it's been rebuilt and bored, it runs.

What year and model is it? What in your opinion is a decent price ?

Why I'm interested is I have a 90 dr250s and I've been doing a lot of motocross riding lately and the dr isn't coping well with the jumps, and instead of trying to make the dr into something it isn't, I'm looking for a cheap mx bike.

And a side note a 540cc 2 stroke sounds insane, I've rode 250 2strokes and they are not lacking in power lol.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1383308011.668664.jpg

Here's the pic

IDN what this bike is either, you prefer the older bikes of yester-generation??

i would rather use a harley for motocross. them old ktm were heavy as hell (over 240lb and suspension sucked)


3rd gen cr250 can be found all day for about $1500.  thats the direction i would go

Not that I like old bikes, just cheap ones. Lol, but thanks for the info, I suppose I'm going to have to increase my budget for a decent mx bike. That bike is $800 , that's why I was interested.

KTM made the 540 for 2 years in the very early 90's, I believe 1990 and 1991 were the years.

KTM has discontinued all parts for those bikes, so you can't get anything... and thats back when KTM's were the most "unusual" bikes of them all. Exhaust out the left, drive out the right... very strange.

Unless you want an antique hanging around, it has no value. People asking money for those bikes are crazy.

Stay away! Cheap MX bikes aren't worth it.

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 if i had only 1g to spend,'94  '95 or '96 cr250 is what id be searching for

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I had a 1987 250mx. It was an awesome bike. It stomped all over my brothers 1988 CR250. It was faster, handled better, had better suspension and weighed less than the pile of junk that was the 1988 cr250. The only thing that the CR was better at was throwing the rider off. It could toss a rider farther than any KTM ever made!

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Thanks guys, I've made my decision, wait till after Xmas, get newer bike.

Just keep yours eyes out, I bought my 2004 ktm 125sx for $1000 and it's been great to me, I've replaced a tire rear wheel bearings and redid the top end since I had it, But It's all maintence and I'm sure any bike you have will need those type of things before too long anyways.

i wouldnt touch that 540 with a ten foot pole. when the rod goes out its $500. most the other parts you cant even buy any more. almost zero aftermarket stuff available

save your pennys and get a new bike. '13 ktm are pretty sweet

save your pennys and get a new bike. '13 ktm are pretty sweet

I'm not buying anymore brand new bikes, I bought a brand new gsxr a few years ago and kinda regret it, not the bike but just paying the new premium when I could have bought a nice used bike for half and probably been just as happy.

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