2003 Cannondale X440...Oil Pump?



I have had the bike. It never ran. Typical Cannondale product...I get it!  I've done some work on it just as a project.  I have found bolts not lock tighted from the factory that ran out into the gear.  I have hand crafted a spring within the starter that is working quite well.  I got the thing running again I was ecstatic.  Took it down the road and I could feel the motor tightening up as if it wasnt getting oil properly...any suggestions on an oil pump because i can't find anything for a Cannondale?

Contact ATK . I don't know if they're still building them but they should be able to help you with parts.

Go to cannondaleriders.com for info and help.

There's a plastic gear on one of the oil pumps that strips out, I bought a spare 440x that had the same deal.   

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