LED flasher question

Hey fella's

I purchased the edge tail light kit with the 601 LED flashers.

Wired it all in , and the tail light works perfectly but the flashers don't.

I have swapped wires around , and the best I can get is they all come on together ,dull'ly,  when you indicate either way.

I also purchased the resistor kit , expecting probs , but haven't wired in yet, as I thought they were for when the flashers work too fast.

What do you fella's think?

2011 400e if that makes any diff.


(would be handy to know the polarity/wire color of the loom wires to indicators just in case I've had a brain fart and missed a combo)

I have an edge tailight and just replaced some rear mini stalk bulb blinkers, because my MRD melted the right one off. I put on DRC 602's. I thought the solid green wire was the ground, but aparantly not. Wired it up and they wouldn't come on. I reversed the wires and got my set working.


You can not put the resistors on between the lights and the harness. You have to run the resistors between the switch and the battery. I said &%$#@! it. I have stock blinkers up front and the LEDs on the back and a faster blink rate for both.

When there isn't enough resistance, they will flash together, a little more resistance, and they flash too fast, add more resistance, and the rate slows.

In other words, the resistors will solve your problem. Alternatively, get an LED relay to have the right flash rate and use less power from the battery to take full advantage of LED flashers.

My led indicators where blinking too fast, so i bought a led flasher relay that fits nearly all suzuki bikes.

Bought it off ebay for $15

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