87 CR250 clutch problems please help!

Ok so i recently purchased a 87 CR 250 for $300 from a older woman that didn't know anything about the bike however the bike does and did have some issues


when i got the bike the clutch wouldn't disengage when i took off the clutch cover i noticed that it was missing one of the springs and the bolt well not really the bolt since it was broken off inside the inner hub i purchased a used clutch assembly from ebay since i would have to replace the inner hub and the basket was notched all to hell when i put it all back together still it wouldn't push the pressure plate out far enough so after i did some searching i realized it was missing something else the ball bearing was missing when i took it apart so i didn't know it had one well i went to my dealer last night and got one when i put it all back together with the ball bearing in place it pushed the pressure plate out way to far and well i broke the spring holder bases on the pressure plate.


i have the clutch lever adjustments as good as i can get them and i noticed another problem that i can't explain the clutch push rod will not come out my understanding is that its free floating and not retained but i have tipped the bike enough to where i can put some pliers on it and tried to pull and no luck its stuck in there im currently assumeing that maybe the rod has shifted where it attaches on the other side and not going in all the way. When i pull the clutch lever the rod does move but it looks like the rod needs to move back into the shaft about 3/4 the with of the ball bearing for it to work properly. 


im hoping one of you great guru's can help me figure this out.


Thanks in advance

I would remove the left side cover and remove the cable and actuator arm and then see if the push rod will come out...If not maybe try and get a airline where the actuator runs through and see if compressed air will help push it out.

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