KTM 150SX vs 125SX

So is there a big difference between the 150SX versus other 125s? Or it doesn't really matter? I have a KXF 250 but I like 2 strokes more and was wondering the big hype for the 150 was and what the difference would be for a 150 2 stroke versus the 125s. Please help!

150 pulls a little harder that's about it

If you have the choice between either bike get the 150 just for that little extra power

Unless you're racing in a class that restricts you to 125cc I see absolutely no reason to get one over a 150. It's the same bike with a big bore kit on it. It has noticeably more bottom end than the 125.

Yea, unless you want to run a 125cc class, get the 150.

Alright cool thanks !

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