one of those days..

I just had one of those days where I was going 1/4 of my usual speed and having a hard time staying on two wheels. Guess that's what I get for not riding for a few weeks and then staying up all last night getting the bike ready for today. It was one of those days that I was embarrased to be me. To top it off I came up so short on a double that I think I'm now 4" shorter, my butt print is permenantly embossed in the seat and my tripple clamps must be in the shape of a V. Anyone else ever have a day like this? But, I'm still smiling because I'M ON VACATION, so I get to go back in a day or two and try it all again!! :):D:D

SIRTHUMPALOT, Where did you ride today.

Talk to you later



You keep smiling my friend.And be glad you are not marooned in this (soon to be) artic wastland called Illinois.All the local tracks are closed for the winter,I haven't ridden for 3 weeks and I'm already going crazy for a moto-fix.So next time out, even if you think your not riding so great,just loosen up have a good time,and roost a little for us poor frozen spodes up here in the great white north. Merry Christmas! :)

speedharris and sirthumpalot,

hi,i used to live in ft lauderdale back in the 80s

and raced quit a bit,mx at lochart stadium and a track up in west palm off of b-line hwy just down from moroso motorsports park,also many FTR harescrambles,was also a member of the palm beach track and trail riders club,i raced out of a shop on cagivas "ACTION SPORT CYCLES" i'm sure most of which are long gone, you guys familiar with any of this.had some friends from boca raton i used to ride with but havn't been in touch with for about 15 there still much of an mx scene around down there??

later guys

Originally posted by sirthumpalot:

I'm still smiling because I'M ON VACATION

That is the bottom are still smiling :) I find that the older I get the more of those days I have. How does that saying go.....The worst day riding is better than the best day at work.......Yep sure is...As long as I can drive myself home!!!!


Speedharris, I was at Thundercross. Did you ride there today?

Also moto614 everything you said rings a bell. I work in boca and pass moroso on the way to thundercross. If you haven't been here in 15 years then you would not recognize a thing. This place has absolutely exploded. I haven't heard the name lochart mentioned in years and I'm not sure if it's still open or not (never been there).

I don't know how you guys up north do it. It was 59 degrees here the other morning and I thought that I was going to have to spend the day in bed. I'll definitely keep you guys in mind next time I'm riding. If I wasn't married I'd open up my house for anyone who wants to come down and ride for a few days. :) I guess it's like Ernie said, if I'm driving myself home then I can't ask for more than that (and boy does it beat work!)! :D

I had one of those days the last big trailride I went on. Bike wasn't hooking up right...everything just felt weird. Ended up packing it into the woods at high speed and getting quite the charleyhorse. Finished the ride but my leg didn't feel the same for a month. I'm on ride hold right now in the great white north. Actually, I'm waiting for my ice screws to come in. Haven't tried ice riding yet, but I think that just about any riding is good riding. Someone should open some moto-halfway houses down in the southern states for us frozen northern boys to get away to :) hahaha. Well, all you guys have a nice day. By the way, my thunder alley pipe is on it's way..thanks for the info everyone.

Ive come up short a few times and ended up with a sore back I felt like an ACCORDIAN. When it comes down to it nothing puts a smile on my face like my bike. Twist that throttle and kick ass the dirt must fly!! :)

Well yesterday I had one of :) THOSE :D days! The track was soft just the way I like it and things were working pretty well. Yahoo, can't wait to go back!!

There was someone there (thundercross) yesterday on a 426 with American flag graphics and I "think" the numbers were 128. We were about the same speed and I'm wondering if that person visits here (please post if you do). :D

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