Living with a '09 525 RR over a Yamaha WR?



I've been leisurely looking for a bike to replace my Yamaha TT-R and have assumed I'd end up with a pre-FI WR450f. Lately though I've been riding my friends '09 525 RR, which I could buy, and it's a hoot for sure. I mostly like the way the bike handles and it's definitely powerful enough. Almost too powerful at times. I'd like to know what others think about owning one of these bikes long term. I understand the RFS engine is robtus and durable but how about the rest of the bike? How tough is it to find parts? Are there any unusual maintenance issues or preventative measures needed?


FWIW this particular bike has just under 100 hours of light use, a Rekluse Z-Start Pro, 3.2 gallon tank, street legal, trials rear tire, tubliss front and rear, carb vent filter, etc. I'm 6', 200lbs without gear and ride a variety of off road stuff. I'm big on regular maintenance and just want a bike that isn't a worry.


So far it seems the only issue is the bars are a bit too low for me to stand comfortably for long periods and I'm not too sure I like the Rekluse clutch.





Cant comment on the yam but the beta is the most reliable modern bike I have ever owned. Reliability wise it makes my 011 gas gas seem like a turd.

Thanks, that's good to know at least.  


I'm kinda surprised I figured you exotic guys would be all over a thread like this.

Beta owners seem to be somewhat more sophisticated and less fanatical than the owners of other eurobikes.

I had a kato525 then a  011 WR450f 


As good as the yammies are, the 525 motor is my pick, the 6th gear is just so relaxing compared to revving the 450 in 5th, so if you do much transport the 525 is a no brainer.


I found the big bore easier to ride in the tight stuff too, less gear changes needed, less clutch work.

The 450 is a better race bike, imo, the motor is more suited to easy terrain going flat out. The 525 is a tractor and very hard to stall, i love the instant grunt when you come out of a turn. 


The only issue with the 525 is they chew valves quickly if you rev them too hard, which is dumb cause they just need to be short shifted.


I now have a 13 498RR, the Beta handling is a winner.

Short shifting is the biggest reason I want a large displacement bike. I hate revving the nuts off something all day. On the 525 it seems like it will pick the front end up just off an idle whenever its needed assuming there is sufficient traction. me rikey me love long time.


I can't find a reason not to buy it, really.

OK the topic is almost a week old but I'll chime in. The Beta handling is the top reason to buy one and it sounds like you can get a good deal. As for not revving them I can attest to that; I have been riding nothing but 125s for the past 20 years. At 5 7"and a 140 lbs there is even less reason for me to revving the bike but I have 125 habits and it took several months before I figured out I could chug along in 3rd gear through almost every thing.


I picked it up. Slightly surprising how quickly it will boil the coolant if you aren't hauling ass but a pair of radiator fans have been installed so I doubt it can be over heated anymore.

Good deal on getting the Beta, as for boiling it over I guess I must riding more open trails. You would figure Vegas weather would be an issue but I've had none.

The fans obviously will solve it.


Yeah it's no problem when you're moving obviously. Not all the terrain I ride (at my skill level) allows for that though. Last week we found some trails and managed 15 miles in 8 hours. Slow going.

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Thanks, that's good to know at least.  


I'm kinda surprised I figured you exotic guys would be all over a thread like this.


It's just timing . It's good to put a search on TT on Beta forums for 09' Beta then you can see the overall high owner satisfaction. I still love my 09 Beta 525 RS. I'd like a new Beta but really I love my 09. I just rode it yesterday in the muddy trails near my home and it worked awesome... still so fun. My bike has the regular maintenance issues like every bike but it is super reliable and I hammer that thing in brutal trails. I don't purposely beat up the bike but take it in places that just end up being harder on bikes.The power is great!!! It's smooth and controllable and has excellent trail manners. It's fast and powerful but made to hook up well. I'm sure yamahas are fine too but Beta's are excellent. Take a look at a whole pile of vids here. ..just scroll through to where you see the 09' and earlier Beta's to see how they work.



This is my 09 This past year at our kahuku extreme race. The bike worked great!!!


But check out past threads.. From what I have seen in the past it seems that Beta has been more of a vet owned bike. Guys have been around riding for years and have ridden a ton of bikes...and know what they like and find it in Beta. With the more mainstream exposure and success in magazine shootouts and the bike winning races we have more newer riders entering the Beta ownership now..Also there are more choices of bikes and newer models that work very well. The latest addition being the electric start 2 stroke.  Bottom line there's no comparison in my choice. I'd take Beta any day. The parts come super fast and the bike works very well. 

Beta owners seem to be somewhat more sophisticated and less fanatical than the owners of other eurobikes.

 I agree pretty much...the older ones at least.. guys just seem to be more mellow and respectful(generally) Vet guys that just try to act nicer. That's what initially got me interested in the brand. I was following the early threads and there were a lot less dicks trash talking. There were a bunch of more experienced bike riding guys that were nice and tried to help when possible and they all seemed to love Betas.. Lots raced a variety of types of racing and weren't talking about how great they were. actors.. just more straight talk chest pounding.. just being down to earth.. That's was a plus in my book when investigating the bike. I got the first new Beta enduro in Hawaii so i didn't get to test try or even see a real bike here. The word of mouth positive exposure that I got was right on target.

Thanks for your input. Very cool riding over there in HI. Couldn't be much different from what I've been riding lately. I don't have a camera or a decent bike video but here is one of the easier sections of one of my favorite loops. No over heats on this type of stuff. It's the rougher, looser, more vertical stuff that's been killing me.



The fans work great though!

Im just happy to have a place to ride. The greatest place to ride is what we have available. I dont have open riding like i did when growing up. I miss it but oh well. Bring back pineapple and sugar cane fields and those graded twisty roads along the valleys would be awesome again!!!..but its gone so adapt to what we have..and back up the blue ribbon coalition and try to keep riding open.

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