Newer Chassis

I have a 2002 KTM 380  the suspension has been upgraded. I really like the way it handles, I mostly ride single track. I am think of putting my motor in a later model chassis. I have helped a friend put his 380 motor in a 2011 frame. Here is a question  I found a 2008 chassis, is there a huge handling difference  between a 08 and a 11 chassis  for the type of riding  I do?  I am a A/B rider.


What chassis are we talking about?  SX, XC or XC-w?  But I gotta ask, how does the power of your 380 compare to say a newer 250 or 300?  Always wanted to ride a 380 but never got the chance.

The big chassis changes were in 2008, since then I believe they have fined it but not made nearly as big a jump as 2008. 

I am looking at an 08 250 SXF chassis. I haven't ridden a new 300 but a buddy of mine that has a 380 has ridden a new one and said that the 380 has way more torque and faster up top. I have had a couple KX500's and the 380 will pull better down low and middle. I don't think there is much power difference up top. The main thing is to get the 380 jetted right, once that is done they are great.

My 06' 250sx handles better than my 11' 250sx. The 11' is much faster and has better forks but it doesn't turn as well as the 06.

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