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Broke Clip Trying to Disconnect O2 Sensor Wire from Airbox. Now What?

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As I was trying to get my subframe off, the connection between the wire and 02 sensor's clip broke. I broke it trying to finagle the little clip with a flat head screwdriver.


Even without the clip, I reconnected the connection and it's on there tight, just not clipped in.


Do you think this will pose a problem (not being clipped in) ?


I change my air filter quite frequently, so I can keep an eye on it, but then again, I don't want this thing coming undone during a race or right before hitting a big triple.




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I did the same thing on my 11 kx when taking it off, i just connected it back in and i haven't had an issue with it yet. I'll probably replace it

on the next rebuild but for now it seems to work just fine with no problems.

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