XT550 Jetting

Has anyone tried rejetting an XT550 carb? I want to run a better flowing exhaust and i cant find anyone who has done it yet. Also how hard is it and where did you find jets for it?

Same carbs as xt 600 ydis


With your slight mod

Slightly bigger on the secondary main

Raise the primary needle maybe .020 inch

It's easy enough to do

You will have to drill out your secondary main, pick up a set of letter drill bits

Maybe Kedo has jets???

I have one in every size...just accumulated them over the years

That link is quite interesting. They have jets for the XT600's and 550's. What weird is they say Keihin mains or slow jet but the carbs are early Mikuni's, more or less.

I don't think they're available anywhere. Might just have make up the extra gas in the primary carb or drill yours out a couple thousandths at a time.

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I'll  have to try that jjktmrider, thanks everyone for your input!

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