Vapor LED question

My vapor came with 4 led's to use in place of the incandescent bulbs on the dashboard. Says to use them instead, so naturally I did. On the turn signal circuit the LED wouldn't light up, popped the incandescent in and it worked fine. What gives? Am I missing something?

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Also just realized I now have hazards :D I think I messed up some wires haha

LEDs are polarity conscience. If wired wrong they will not light. An incandesent will. Yes they do need to be wired right. The Suzuki wiring is difficult as there are double purposes to the wires. Took me a long time to get it all to work half way decent and it still acts funny. Like the high beam indo comes on when in neutral. Still cant figure that one out. Otherwise I love the Vapor!!! :D

Haha I figured it out. I ended up running a separate indicator for the left and right signals, and didn't use a high beam indicator. I also had to bend the wires on the LEDs so they would actually make contact

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