2006 crf450r cold starting

I recently did a valve adjustment on my bike because it wouldn't start, turns out the left intake valve was completely closed, so I got that fixes but now when I try and start it cold I have to hold the hot start in and kick it for 5 or more minutes before it will start. Once its warm it starts first kick usually with out the hot start. I wondered if its something simply like my fuel screw because it has a little bit of a hanging idle now.

What does 'got that fixed' mean regarding your valves. 

Shimming doesn't eliminate leakage.

Did you replace the intakes and do a 3 to 5 angle cut to match the new valves?


New Plug

New pilot jet

Adjust fuel screw

Inspect choke plunger

Inspect hot start plunger

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like suggested start with measuring your clearances again


second make sure the carb is clean and adjusted properly with the fuel screw


when dead cold, I twist the throttle about 3 times to put a primer of fuel in the intake, with the choke on and starts first kick. 

No I didnt do a revalve just a shim job, and my carb is clean with a new spark plug. I havent checked the hot start or choke plungers, what exactly would I be looking for to see if there not working?

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