Flipping Dirt Bikes To Make some Extra $

Anybody on here flip dirt bikes to make a little extra money? I have an 06 RMZ 250 for sale near me for $1600. Any recommendations if I take a shot at it? This is the bike. All the add says is good condition. What do you think it could sell for?





just get a 9 to 5 its easier and a lot less trouble. Flipping bikes can work out but usually its done for fun not profit.

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just get a 9 to 5 its erasier and a lot less trouble. Flipping bikes can work out but usually its done for fun not profit.

I have one of those 9-5 things and it's boring! I think it would be a fun thing to do to make some extra money but I'm not much of gambler.

Best way to ruin any hobby is to try to make a business out of it   :goofy: . From where I'm sitting ATM it looks to be a buyers market anyway.


More money in stripping 2nd hand bikes and parting them out IMO.

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It's fun, you can make money on certain bikes, but please don't buy that hunk!

if you buy a clunker bike and fix it up in most cases you would be lucky just to break even

It is possible to make money flipping bikes, I've done it a few times. You have to know what you are looking for when you buy it, talk the seller down, and know how to do all of the work yourself. Know the market and know what it is going to take to get the bike into good shape before you buy. Be ready to walk away if you can't get it cheap enough.


In my opinion $1600 isn't low enough to make much money on an 06 250F. If it needs anything you will lose your profit margin. I like to know that I will be able to profit at least $500 after I put money into the bike fixing it up.

A better business plan is to be able to buy a bike.  Ride it and have fun and then be able to sell it for what you paid.  Profit is in the fun.

 there`s at least 5 rmz250's in better condition than that around here for less and they still aren`t selling...

A few other tricks, buy from further out areas, and bring the bike back to more populated areas.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and there are so many used bikes around, no one is very interested in driving 2-3 hrs to some smaller town.  So bikes in those areas always run less.  So I've made the road trip, I typically ride the bike for several times to have fun, then resell for a small profit. 


Another thing, any odd title stuff freaks people out.  I bought one bike a guy was selling for a friend but it was registered in that friend's divorced wife's name.  whew.  Turned out I just needed to call her and get her signature and she was super cool about it, probably got a $3500 bike for $2700. 


I also like to look for the bikes that have not been started in a while.  Typically the owner isn't much of a mechanic, a dealer will charge hundreds to clean the carb out, and the owner just wants it gone, and other people just look for a different bike.  These have turned out great!  Clean them up, clean out the carb, maybe buy a few new jets, go have a few fun rides, and sell for a small profit. 


I totally avoid bikes with mechanical problems.  Blown motors, motors that are apart, shot valves on a 4 stroke, only do those if you want a mechanical challenge and realize you'll probably make zero money.


Oh, another one that would be good, go buy some kids type bikes now, like TTR 90s and 125s.  Clean them up, take nice pictures, and post them up for sale right before Christmas. 


So if you are thinking you could make $100-$300 per bike and have some fun, that'll work.  If you think you'll make a bunch of money off this, nahhh.

Anybody on here flip dirt bikes to make a little extra money? I have an 06 RMZ 250 for sale near me for $1600. Any recommendations if I take a shot at it? This is the bike. All the add says is good condition. What do you think it could sell for?

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If you want to flip 4 strokes motocross bikes buy the ones with updated plastics and aluminum frames, more people lookin for them and they look a lot nicer.

Buy a car and flip that. So much easier and you'll actually make a profit

Flipping bikes is tough, You have to know the bikes and the market extremely well. Some bikes may bring you decent money as long as they run well. Other bike have to run good and look really nice to get top dollar. The trick is to know when and where to spend the extra money. You cant go full tilt fixing up every bike because in the end people don't want to pay high blue book for a highly modified bike. The cleaner/closer to stock a bike is the more money it will typically bring.  


I would say that for 1600 the rmz isn't a deal. You could probably get 2800 for it in a good market, but that's with decent tires/chains/sprockets. If you had to throw new valves in that bike you would be out 600 bucks. There goes any profit you might make off the deal.


If you could buy it for 1000-1200 you would be doing okay, but some sellers don't react to low offers very well. In some parts of the country you could end up staring down the barrel of a pistol if you offer the owner 30% less than his asking price.


just my 2 thoughts.

Saw five down the street sell for $1200.00 each. Nice bikes (3) 05's (2) 06's rmz250.

So around here $1600.00 is high.

you could probably make a $400 profit from checking everything over and replacing all the stuff that needs replacing

selling stuff is not as easy as some may think. Imagine selling that bike to someone 'AS IS,' they buy it and a day later it is blown up and they want there money back. It does get ugly and it is not easy money. this is just one of the many complications you can run into for a couple of hundred bucks . An issue I was selling a truck a couple of years back, and after someone had looked at  it they came back and try to steal it. Long story short is the truck ended up in my neighbors bedroom at 3 in the morning, the thief could not unlock the steering wheel.

Me and my brother would buy 2 strokes for cheap, ride them for awhile and then flip them for $300-400 more with basic maintenance

I didn't read all the other replies but I can tell you one thing. don't do it you will lose money. Ive owned at least 50 bikes. Only buy what you plan to ride.

I started buying, cleaning up and selling bikes this year and I started with a 02 cr125 and now I have a 07 Rmz250 I'm looking to sell and a 1985 cr125 Im going to keep. I think I've done pretty good. I'm looking to trade up to a crf450x or 250 2t I could turn into a woods machine.

One of my friends picks up bikes that are cheap, cleans them up adn resells them.  He normally makes between 500-1k per bike, and does 2-3 a year.  Nothing major, but a fun hobby and some extra change. He also gets to try a few bikes a season that way just for fun (he has his own he actually rides and keeps).  It's doable if you do research, put the work into it and aren't in a hurry to unload the bike.


ie: i just picked up a 13kx250f with 3 hours on it for 4800 (5500cad with import duties and taxes). I _could_ sell it here for 6500 but sure as hell am keeping it :p

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