2008 kx250 or rmz250

Hi all. im getting a new bike, im looking at either a 2008 or 2009 kx250f or rmz250. Ive done lots of research but still cant really find any answers to which one would suit me better. I will mostly be riding trails, i am tall (about 6 foot 3) i weigh about 75kg (165 pound). Im not the next james stewart, so im not all that interested in how good the bike actually goes on the track, more just which one is mechanically better and more suitable for trails. Also any problems that people have had with either bike. Thanks for the help

Well .. If the YZ250F was on your list , I would say choose it

Why ? .. They have a better reputation for reliability .. If maintained ( of course )

If you are buying a used bike it doesn't matter what make it is, all that matters is how the person who had it before took care if it. Depending how that person took care of it and how you keep up on maintenance is how reliable it will be. And in my honest opinion all the main makes are good bikes, some people are strictly honda or something but kawi and yamaha and suzuki are just as good, i prefer kawasaki because i like the way they look and i have had good luck with them.

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