Can't bleed front brake properly!

I've tried using a syringe to push the air out, tried holding the caliper above the master, tried anything and everything! I'm at my whits end right now.

Master cylinder has been rebuilt with 0 hours on it, same for the caliper seals and I've put another brake line on too!

Please help, I've never had so much trouble with brakes before!





how can u tell that it still has air in the system ?

how can u tell that it still has air in the system ?


I'm assuming that's what it is because the lever still pulls right into the bars. It's about half the feel it should be, if that makes sense.


The only possible thing it could be is the disc, but the brakes weren't this bad last time I rode it, I'm sure.

I'm having the same troubles, tried bleeding it multiple times but not getting anywhere. Lever does slow the bike down but nowhere near what it should do when pulled that hard.

Try removing the master cylinder top cover, then try and go down to the caliper and push the brake pads OUT.


Other thing to try is to use a zip tie and zip tie the brake lever against the handlebar, let it sit that way for a few hours and then do you conventional brake bleeding.

are you using an aftermarket lever on a pre07 master cylinder?


are you using an aftermarket lever on a pre07 master cylinder?



I feel silly now, but yes and that was the problem...I loaded it up and went down to the track to get a fresh pair of hands on it. One bloke asks have you tried screwing in this bolt a bit more? Problem solved. firmed up the lever again.

Bikes and '04 CR250 with ASV levers.


How'd you go with yours Braedenkgs?



Thanks heaps fellas.

Last time I rode it was still very weak, but I live in Saskatchewan and its getting too cold to ride so the bike is put away now, I plan to work on it some this winter and that brake will be one of the first things I address. I have a stock lever on an 09' but maybe the adjustment vibrated loose and I'm just not getting the stroke it needs, should be able to figure it out with a closer look when I've got more time.

I had to rebuild my front master cylinder, so had to drain the brake fluid. No problem with that, it was putting it back in that was the problem. I ended up getting a pneumatic bleeder, no problems getting all the air out.

the ASV levers have to be filed so there is clearance between the lever where it contacts the piston. 


otherwise you have the master cylinder always under pressure and never fully retracts to release all the air in the system. 

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