2010 RMZ250 oversized tank

I have a problem. Moving up from a 100 to a 250, and ive decided on a 2010 rmz250. The problem, you ask? I have a cabin up near merrit bc and there are some super long trails that id like to do- But, no one makes an oversized tank for this particualr bike i want. You certainly wont get very far off that 1.5 gal tank that comes stock.. Any ideas?

Just take a little gallon jug of gas with you the jugs a small cubes put it in back pack

I have a thread where I modded an acerbis tank from 07-09 to work. It involves plastic welding and fab work. Easy options are:

1.carry gas in fanny pack in jug

2.acerbis number plate tank-hold over 1 gallon.

3.weld/fab stock tank to hold more fuel

4. Fab tank out of coolant overflow for left side number plate.

The bike is actually really good on fuel. Some can get 2 hours racing with stock tank. I have gone over 2 hours on trail ride easily. A gatorade bottle in a fanny pack ornsomething of the sort usually is good insurance

I am not recommending any of the things I mentioned. Do them at your own risk.

The Gatorade bottle sounds nifty

Thanks for the suggestions.

What all did you do to make the tank work?

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