Did I melt my motor

I idled my 2001 yz426 f for like 15min then I saw a little bit of coolant drain out but like 7-8 drops so I shut it off did I damage my piston rings or anything? Thanks

Drain out of where?

The tube coming off the radiator cap I think

No, your fine. It just boiled over a bit. The coolant expanded a bit, causing high pressure in the system. The cap lets out this pressure.

Ya...that's typical from that bike...I had one and it did it frequently.

Thanks I was all paranoid, next time I won't idle it so long. Will my bike be ok for 5 months in storage I put stabil in it and ran it for 15 min I plugged the exhaust to. Should I put a bag over air filter? it has fresh oil on it.is it ok to change oil next spring it has like 5-10hours on it only anyways? Anything else? I lubed the cables and cleaned it pretty good and covered with moving blanket.

That's more than I've ever done to store my bikes! Lol

It gets down to -30c where I live lol

Just make sure the coolant is good so it doesn't freeze and crack something

Draining fuel really is best, along with empty bowl.. Spray some wd40 on any seals, keeps the rubber nice.

And yes, change your damn oil! Lol I change mine every 2-3 hours! If that bike hasn't had a lower end rebuild in its lifetime, you should get on the same schedule!

I have some bel ray but i was planning on changing it anyways when I take it out in the spring, won't the old oil be ok just to prevent corrosion? or will it turn to sludge or something? My bike is at storage and I have no truck and my brothers being a dick so I have to do whatever winterizing I can there, and I'm sure they frown upon that so i have to keep it to a minimum. I mixed up some new coolant that should be good down to -65c, I'm not sure what the previous owner put in it so that's a good idea. I have some motul coolant for in the summer next year but prestone should be ok for storage?

The bike is in great shape for the year, the previous owner took good care, It looks much nicer than most 2004-2007 bikes, and it runs nice. I haven't noticed anything strange or that needed replacing, It still has tons of power and stock sprockets and I would say they are at about %60-65, How many hours would you guess that to be on the bike?. i wish i had my own garage so I could take better care of it, I would go over every part with a toothbrush.

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I just meant change it before you ride

Coolant will do NOTHING against the cold, pump the system full of a antifreeze that works until atleast -50, or take whatever the lowest you think it could posaibly get, and add -20. Drain coolant, pour in antifreeze, run the engine through with antifreeze, make sure you disnt put too much wter in, but there has to be a good amount.

As for the fuel system, replace any filters if you have them, just leave the stabilized fuel in there, thts fine


Usually coolant is the same as antifreeze. With the ever growing market of the "engine ice" style coolants, make sure to look at the freezing protection point on the packaging. I know of people running water wetter, engine ice and the like. All of those mentioned have to be drained at the end of the season, due to their almost non-existant freeze protection. If it is just plain old green coolant that is safe for aluminum, that stuff is fine for the winter. Always comes down to looking at the specs. On the fuel standpoint, dump it out of the tank and drain out the carburetor. That is pretty much the only fool proof way of having a clean fuel system next spring with all these fuels that are mixed with ethanol these days. I use the old gas in my lawn tractor/snow blower/etc....

Is there a reason why couldn't you just drain the coolant? Then you have no reason to worry about freezing. Or is corrosion an issue without any coolant in the system? 

Is there a reason why couldn't you just drain the coolant? Then you have no reason to worry about freezing. Or is corrosion an issue without any coolant in the system? 

I dunno, but I mixed some new collant that will protect to -65c, it doesn't get that cold here so it should be good to go.

Engine Ice is nothing more than propylene glycol coolant mixed 50/50 with distilled water.  Should be good to at least -50 ℉.

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