yz 450 carb leaking at inlet

Looks like gas is slowly seeping out of the brass inlet elbow, 1 or 2 drops overnight.


Is that elbow easily removed and O-rings replaced?


I did have the bike fall over hard into a pile of big rocks bending the subframe , no indication they smashed the carb but its possible.



As easy as taking the carb off the bike far enough that you can work on it.  Look at the photo.  The big groove near the outer end is for retention.  A small screw runs into the crab body at right angles to the bore the elbow fits in.  With the carb in place, there's no practical way to access the screw.


The rings are Yamaha PN # 3TJ-14564-40.  If you try to buy them outside, they are 8mm OD, 6mm ID, 1.0mm Thickness



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