Questions about buying a TTR225

Hello Everyone


Im new to the forum and I was curious if anyone with some TTR 225 experience help me out.There is a local CL ad near me that has a 2004 TTR 225 for sell for 900$.The ad also says it needs a cdi,main switch,rear fender and battery cover.Would this be worth looking at or should I hold out for something else? Also on top of that are these bikes problematic? any help I would greatly appreciate.Thanks

No, yes, and no.

Worth looking into, if you have the skills to troubleshoot and fix it IF it's priced way lower than $900. For $900 I'd expect to see a running, but perhaps ugly TTR225. The fact that the "main switch" is missing also throws flags to me that it may be stolen, so I wouldn't touch the thing without paperwork. I argue that you shouldn't touch anything without paperwork these days, but when the key switch is gone, that's even more reason to have it.

These bikes do have occasional stator problems, often the bike will spark during cranking, but won't run. However, it's not a common problem, but it is something that seems to happen to the 225s that doesn't happen to the 125s or TWs. If the PO hadn't "lost" the key switch, maybe this could be his supposed CDI problem. But maybe since he was trying to hotwire the bike, he fried the CDI instead.


Three years ago I picked up a 2002? TTR225 with a title which I then dual sported because the paperwork had it listed as  street motorcycle, not an off-highway motorcycle. The PO couldn't get it started which is just as well because he drained the oil and forgot to refill it. The carb needed to be cleaned (the main reason it wouldn't start) and the wiring was "creative" to say the least.



The body was good, the brakes were good, the tires and levers were probably crap (that's how I usually buy them.) I paid $800 for it. Unfortunately, by the end of the year, I was putting a new piston and rings in it and doing the valve seals. Valve seals frequently go bad in these bikes and they'll smoke like crazy, but otherwise run great. Our TTR225 literally was burning oil as fast as it was gasoline, but it performed just fine. With the new top end, it's now smoke free.


My advice: keep on lookin' unless this guy cuts his price in half - especially this time of year, there are much better specimens out there.

I bought my 01' ttr 225 for 700. The guy was asking 900 but we told him we only had 700 and he took it.

It was running but pretty beat up.

This time of the year (assuming you live in a temperate climate) you can do much better. Another time you can do much better is after Christmas when everyone needs some money. And that bike is now where near worth your time. It sounds like a less than 500 dollar bike. I bought a stock 2007 crf250r yesterday for a thousand bucks. Its in perfect shape. Almost like new.

that is not that good a deal, basically you are buying a non running bike...


parts about 150 (wiring battery etc)


labor - $200


so can you get a running 225 for 1-300?  yes if you look around.


I would offer around 600, less if it needs new tires.

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