13t front sprocket

Im considering getting a 13t front sprocket for my z400,ive read a couple forums some people say they love it and others say theres not alot of first gear and they go back to the stock 14t i ride in trails most the time and feilds but rarely top it out. I really want to accelerate faster im getting used to the bike and i want more does anyone out there have it?

I had one in mine unless you have really tight technical trails you won't have a problem. How often do you stay in first anyway. It's not a lot of money and only takes a few minutes to install. Could always change it back out instead of always wondering.

I was using a 13t on my 04 z400 to get more acceleration in the sand but I was going through the gears to fast, after about a month a took it off and when back to stock, it all depends on what you are looking for and what type of terrain you ride.

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